Police Brutality

Brooklyn Police Brutality Attorney

Cases of New York police brutality have occasionally garnered national attention over the years, but the fact is that hundreds of police misconduct and brutality cases are investigated every year in New York City. In fact, NYC spends $500 million to $600 million annually on settlements for police brutality cases.

In 2010, for example, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent organization that investigates allegations of law enforcement misconduct, received 6,476 complaints against the NYPD. Some cases involve allegations of racial discrimination by police officers, while others say they were abused and injured unnecessarily while being arrested.

If you are a victim of excessive force, false arrest, hate speech, or malicious prosecution by the New York City Police Department, speak right away to a Bronx law enforcement brutality attorney at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin. You may receive compensation for your injuries, your lost freedom, and the emotional distress you endured at the hands of the NYPD. Our law firm represents clients in all areas of New York City, including Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, along with Long Island and the surrounding area. You must take action as soon as possible, though, as the law limits the timeframe for filing a legal claim.

If you’ve been the victim of an assault at the hands of police officers or have had your civil rights violated in another way, contact a police brutality lawyer with the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin by calling 718-829-7400 or toll free at 800-394-4216.


We have helped clients to win more than $1 billion in damages throughout our 30 years of personal injury practice. Our lawyers have over six decades of combined personal injury experience. We know how to win for you the financial compensation you deserve, and our record of success speaks for itself. We represent the victims of police brutality in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and throughout New York State.

If you are a victim of police brutality anywhere in New York State, speak today to an experienced Bronx police brutality attorney at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin, we investigate the details of the brutality incident, we identify the perpetrators, and we hold those parties responsible. There are some cases, particularly those involving video footage, where criminal charges may also be filed against the officer(s) accused of brutality and police misconduct.

We do not treat police brutality lightly, and neither should you. The role of law enforcement is to protect and serve; not victimize. Whether the alleged act of police brutality was an isolated incident or a series of incidents over time, we will work on your behalf to obtain the compensation you need and the justice you deserve. You may be compensated for physical injuries, lost wages due to a false or illegal arrest, and emotional or psychological suffering. In some cases, we also pursue punitive damages designed to deter perpetrators from future incidents of police brutality.


We never charge a fee until you are awarded the compensation you deserve. If you are a victim of police brutality anywhere in New York State, speak today to an experienced Bronx police brutality attorney at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin today. Call us at 718-829-7400 or toll free at 800-394-4216, or complete the form on our Contact Page and take the first step to protect your rights and your future, also you can choose your Bronx personal injury attorney.

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